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Welcome to our custom designed website, featuring pictures, including portraits, by Durham, NC, studio and on-location professional photographer and webmaster Howard Sykes.

Wedding portrait of a bride and groom by Howard Sykes of HSykes Photo.

Our services link goes to samples of our photographic images, including commercial, event and portrait photography galleries. Project assignments include still photography, videography, day and nighttime drone photography and 3D real estate virtual tours.  Additional photos are posted on Facebook.

The "Photo Info" webpage provides additional background and information about our photographic offerings. The "Web Design" page describes our web design, web development and website hosting offerings. Please contact us, so we can develop a specific plan for you.

Drone and UAS / UAV photography HSykes Photo.

As licensed and insured drone pilots we are able to provide UAS / UAV Photography and Videography from perspectives which are unavailable to traditional photographers and which increase viewer interest.

Our commercial services include drone photography performed by licensed and insured UAS / UAV commercial pilots. Check our drone page for additional details on both our still and video aerial photography. We support diverse industries from real estate sales and marketing to construction inspections and we post on both their website and social media outlets.

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