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HSykes Photo maintains a presence on a number of popular social media and review websites. We have selected each site based on the site's popularity, target audience and how it helps our prospects and customers. We highly encourage friends, likes and positive reviews. We do post periodically, as described below, but post sparingly, focusing on quality instead of quantity and absolutely avoid spam. When permitted by the social media provider, we allow you to view our postings without signing on; however, the social media providers require a free id to post, follow or like us.

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We primaryly focus on still photography; however, we have remastered, added titles, replaced audio and provided many other video services for our clients. We can even make complete videos from scratch to meet your needs.


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Review Sites

Attached are links to independent review sites about us. We are ecstatic to point out the number of outstanding 5-star ratings our customers have given us. We believe it's evidence of the outstanding old-fashioned service we are committed to giving each and every customer, and why we have so many return customers.

We also provide links to the sites that allow you to add your review. We're hoping you too will add an outstanding 5-star rating, but if for any reason you did not feel you received the best service you could imagine, please give us a chance to correct it and improve. We only ask that reviews are limited to actual customers who fairly, factually and accurately describe their experiences. The independent sites that we use have a number of checks in place to ensure only reviews from real customers are posted and thus do not accept anonymous reviews and require a free userid for postings.

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