Presentation Tools, Tips and Reference Materials

This page is intended to provide tools, tips and supplemental reference materials for Photography Club members who attended my live presentations, although other photographers may find the materials helpful as well.

Video Editing Presentation

Download either Introduction to Video Editing in color or Introduction to Video Editing in B&W. Both include presenter notes. The only difference is ease of reading depending on where you print or display it. They both provide step-by-step instructions for going from a raw video file in the camera to a sellable final video. As an introductory overview, it does not cover all possible options supported by video editing software and instead focuses on common processes that can dramatically enhance every video.

Processes covered include setting up an editing environment, removing background noise from audio recordings, synchronizing separate audio and video clips, obtaining and adding free music (commercially licensed with no fees or requirements for attribution), creating transitions between video clips, adding video watermarks, applying Lightroom-type corrections to video clips, including transitions that vary over time via key frames, and learning about recommended file types. The presentation includes screenshots using Adobe Premiere Pro and references to other Non-Linear Editors (NLEs) which can perform the same functions.

Video Photography Presentation

View a copy of the Video Photography Presentation, It provides an introduction to videography with warnings of the video pitfalls and advice on how to avoid the problems. The entire process from concept to final video is addressed.

As an example of just how good several minutes of still images can look with professional editing and narration, check out this video. Professional narrators who will read your script for very little cost are readily available. Many with only a couple-day turnaround can be found on the internet.

This second video provides an example of background music behind a voiceover of still images. The background music used is an example of one of free ones available from To unlock your account for additional editing options, verify your account at

As a simple exercise to make your first video, start with images you already have, selecting a few dozen of your favorite National Park or nature photographs and order them logically in a Lightroom collection. With the collection highlighted, go to Lightroom’s Slideshow module. For music, you can try an instrumental verison of America the Beautiful. The slideshow can now be exported as a video from Lightroom. If you would like to spice up the video, use different timings and different transitions for various slides. This requires using a video editing program other than Lightroom.


Click the link below to easily download the software necessary to use the club's Colormunki or view the video training. The Colormunki can help ensure that the printed version of your camera's photo looks the same as the camera's photo looked when viewed on your computer's display screen.

- Version 1.1.1 software download Mac or Windows

- Video training module download Mac or Windows

Be sure to unzip downloads before using.

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