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Information About Photographer and Web Developer Howard Sykes

Photographer Howard Sykes Self Portriat with camera

Durham photographer and website developer Howard Sykes is a detail-oriented perfectionist taking enormous pride in photography. He has in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects of making outstanding photographs and an extensive professional background. Howard enjoys many aspects of photography, particularly things that are different and how to make ordinary things look unique while still appearing natural and untouched.

Many commercial clients use HSykes Photo to take their business photographs, design a custom website, develop the website using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and act as webmaster while hosting their website.

Howard has degrees and formal training in computer science, engineering and project management. These are extremely beneficial when using today's digital cameras and computer-based image editing (with his personal modifications) software to create emotional one-of-a-kind pictures.

His project management background combined with experience managing people and supervisors help in keeping engagements on track for optimum results. As a certified instructor and award-winning author, Howard’s experience in providing clear instructions produces spectacular results in a short amount of time.

Howard's Accomplishments:

Howard Sykes' accomplishments include being an inventor who is listed on multiple patents, a published author with copyrighted textbooks containing hundreds of his photographs, published in national magazine articles and the designer and developer of many successful commercial websites.