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Web Design, Development and Hosting

Internet Web Overview

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How a business website is developed and deployed is critical. When performed correctly, it results in significant new business as well as ongoing business support and revenue. Just a few minor, seemingly innocuous omissions, however, result in the business having a stealth site, which looks good to the business but is not found frequently by search engines nor used by as many potential customers as possible. In the worst case, it may actually be blacklisted and hurt your business while costing you money and profits to maintain.

Internet Web Offerings

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We provide turnkey, innovative website designs, develop websites using the latest website development tools, and host them on multiple powerful, redundant servers. Our development includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. These SEO techniques cause your website to be listed more frequently by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo and to be included near the top of search engine listings. Together these SEO website techniques result in more business for you. In fact, extensive research confirms that well-designed websites produce significantly better results.

Internet Service Offerings

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Depending on your requirements and objectives, we offer a number of Internet offerings, including:

  • Website design, which is the layout of your pages. It includes their objectives, descriptions and keywords plus how various devices, such as computers, tablets and smart phones will be supported by various browsers on different vendors' platforms and operating systems.
  • Website development, which is the programming of webpages in the format that makes them viewable on the Internet. Our programming techniques include optimizing pages for both fast downloads and for Search Engines.
  • Website hosting is setting up the servers on the Internet that actually contain your coded webpages.
  • DNS management is getting your URL so people can access your website by your business name.
  • Different website types, including free websites, custom URLs, single page websites, ad-free websites and multi-page websites with site indexes.
  • Management of directory listing websites (white pages, yellow pages, ...) to increase search links to your website.
  • Management of social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and blog postings.
  • Management of map and location websites, such as Google Places for Business, Bing Places for Business and Mapquest, which will provide driving instructions to your business location.
  • Management of user ratings, which monitor user ratings making sure they are vetted and problems are addressed.

Decision Making — Why Hire Us?

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Decisions to contract with us instead of some other website developer are typically based on our demonstrating why we will produce better results, why we will be more cost effective, and proof that we do more to ensure your business success than other website contractors. To help ensure success, we provide:

  • Education about your hosting options, including their trade-offs.
  • Education about the types of websites, which includes business catalogs, business listing and awareness, e-Commerce, along with their different objectives and benefits.
  • Risk-free development of a custom prototype prior to contract signing.
  • No long-term contracts. (We believe that, if you are ecstatic about our service, we don't need to force you to stay with us contractually.)
  • All source code and a perpetual, non-revocable, royalty-free license, which allows you to change contractors at any time without incurring initial development costs.
  • Your ownership of all URL's and accounts so you will never lose the people who are following your business.
  • Photographic support related to your website, including taking pictures, processing the photographs, and optimizing images for website usage.

Sample Websites

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This website is an example of the type of website we develop, showing a variety of information presented in an easy-to-read format that encourages prospects to take action. The website has a consistent design with good use of graphics and photographs, easy navigation, and integration with social media. The Blinds Over Charlotte website provides an example of an alternate layout for a business in a different market sector. Please contact us for additional reference material.

Bottom Line

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We provide extensive, flexible, customizable options with extreme attention to detail, thus ensuring that you receive an unsurpassed value.