Architectural Photography

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Architectural photograph of a brick house by Howard Sykes
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Erwin Square office building in Durham, NC
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Three fireplace brick home with entry columns
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Looking at the St. Louis Gateway Arch from the St. Louis side
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University Tower is one of Durham's landmark high rise office buildings.
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Picture of a Durham's Main Library
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Home with arched metal roof accent dormers
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Architectural Photograph of a Living Room with Fireplace photographed by Howard Sykes
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Duke's Clinical Research Institute is a landmark high-rise building in downtown Durham.
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Home with multiple types of siding by HSykes Photo
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A converted Durham tobacco warehouse
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Bead and batten siding
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Home with Arched Windows photographed by Howard Sykes of HSykes Photo
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Homeowner's association clubhouse
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Informal Dining Area photographed by Howard Sykes of HSykes Photo
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Interior of a restored hstorical train station

We provide architectural and real estate photographs to a number of commercial customers and homeowners. We frequently photograph interior, exterior, and matched "before" and "after" renovation pictures, which we capture with still, video and drone cameras. Following the capture, we perform post-processing to produce first-class, final deliverables. We shoot with natural light, multiple strobes and/or HDR depending on which will give the best result or will satisfy client requirements. We can also add images to the client's website and/or social media sites with or without logos or other stenciled information.